Providence Friends Meeting

A Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
in Rhode Island

Walk cheerfully over the earth answering that of God in every person.
– George Fox

Worship with Us

Providence Monthly Meeting is a gathering of Quakers in Eastern Rhode Island. We worship at three different locations and invite you to join us at any of them.

Learn about Us

The Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers, is a faith founded on the premise that there is “that of God in each person.” We welcome everyone of any race, sex, or faith to join us.

Peace and Social Justice

Providence Friends Meeting (“Quakers”) affirms that we celebrate the Light in every person – regardless of origins, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender, color, race, religion, ability status, or political affiliation. We affirm the right of each human being to worship, work, live, and love in peace, without fear of violence or persecution. Along with other faith communities that share these values, we stand with those facing discrimination, poverty, violence, stigma, fear, or isolation, and stand ready to offer safety, comfort, encouragement, and love.