Funeral & Burial Grounds Committee

Funeral & Burial Grounds Committee


Friends who are interested in a funeral or memorial service held after the manner of Friends are encouraged to pre-plan their funeral to ensure that their wishes are accommodated and to relieve the decision-making from the bereaved. These arrangements can be made by working directly with a funeral director (of your choice) or by completing a prearranged funeral form available through the Funeral & Burial Grounds Committee. Members of the committee can provide pertinent information about what needs to be included in these arrangements.

When the death of a Meeting member or regular attender occurs, the responsibilities of Providence Monthly Meeting of Friend are shared between Ministry & Counsel and the Funerals and Burial Grounds Committee. The Clerk of this committee will give a copy of the pamphlet “The Conduct of Funerals for Friends” to the bereaved and keep a supply of the pamphlets in the library. If the family wants a programmed meeting in the Meeting House, Ministry and Counsel must be consulted first. Such a meeting must adhere to basic principles of a Friends’ Meeting for Worship. When not held in the Meeting House, all arrangements connected with the service are usually made by the family and the funeral director.

Burial Grounds

Another responsibility of the committee is the administration of the Burial Grounds in the care of the Providence Monthly Meeting. Subject to the rules and direction adopted by the Monthly Meeting from time to time, the Committee is authorized to deal with all matters in relation to the administration of the Burial Grounds. These rules apply to the Friends Section of North Burial Ground in Providence, Saylesville Burial Ground (both the Friends Section and the Arnold Section), and Cumberland Burial Ground. Committee members will provide details specific to these burial grounds on request.

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk at Funeral & Burial Grounds Committee.