Hospitality Committee

Hospitality Committee

This committee serves as host for Meeting functions to see that they run smoothly and are enjoyed by all. The general responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  • The fellowship hour after Meeting for Worship is an important part of this committee’s job. The committee maintains a sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall to share this responsibility with members and attenders. One member of the committee serves as Coordinator each month and should ask members and attenders to serve as hosts. A “How – To for Coffee Hour Hosts” is provided.
  • Coordinators of the committee also ask members and attenders to serve as greeters. A “How-To for Greeters” is provided.
  • The Holiday Gathering is a Cooperative effort of the Meeting as a whole, but the committee is responsible for the organization of the supper, setting up the tables, preparation of coffee, and cleaning up.
  • Buying supplies for the kitchen is the responsibility of this committee. (Paper towels and toilet paper are bought by the Property Committee.)
  • Keeping the kitchen clean is the responsibility of the committee. Bi-annual clean-up days are co-sponsored with the Property Committee.
  • Luncheons for Quarterly and Yearly Meetings, when hosted by the Providence Meeting, are the responsibility of Ad-Hoc Committees established for each such Meeting.

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk at Social and Hospitality Committee.


Purchase Ahead of Time:

Coffee Hour – Keep it simple and easy to do.  You should check the refrigerator ahead of time (the First Day previous to your “shift” is a good idea) to see if we need milk or half & half for coffee.  Purchase if needed.  Purchase donuts or bagels, etc. if you can.  If not, we have supplies of crackers, cookies and peanut butter in the kitchen.

Potluck – Bring a gallon of milk, a gallon of juice (check refrigerator the week before, if you can, to see what may be on hand), bread or rolls, butter or margarine, and potluck dish of your choice (optional).
Save your receipts if you wish to be reimbursed and turn these in to the Hospitality Committee clerk.

Coffee and Tea Preparation:

Arrive ½ hour early to start coffee and hot water.  Cabinets and are labeled so that you can easily find supplies.  Instructions are posted over the kitchen counter to the right of the sink.  Coffee supplies are in cabinet above the counter.  There are several urns.  Use one for coffee and one for hot water.

Plug only one appliance into the outlet on the serving counter.  (The plug is marked with this message as well.)

On Serving Counter and Serving Table:

On serving counter, set out coffee urns, mugs, milk or half & half for coffee, sugar and sugar substitutes in bowls, stirrers, spoons, tins and boxes of tea bags, paper cups, for juice, drink containers.

On serving table, set out food, plates, napkins and utensils (as needed).


Leftover food, open packages – Scrape all vegetable waste into compost container.  Throw away other food scraps and paper.  There are canisters, food storage bags, and plastic wrap for storing leftovers.  Make sure that cookies and crackers that are opened are stored so that they won’t get stale.  Decide whether or not any items to be refrigerated will keep another week, and if not, then send these home with someone or toss out.  Please mark stored items with the date they were opened.  Pen and labels are in the kitchen.

Dishes and utensils – Wash, dry, and put away.  If possible, take dishcloths and towels home to launder, or if not possible, hang to dry.

Floor – Check for dropped food, crumbs, and spills.  Sweep or mop as appropriate.

Closing up – Close serving area partition.  Secure trash.  Make sure back door is locked.  Turn off lights.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Hospitality Coordinator for the month (listed on the sign up sheet), or ask any Hospitality Committee member.


Greeters serve more than a ceremonial role.  By their presence they offer a friendly welcome to familiar Friends and a resource for newcomers and visitors.  In both respects, they are an important part of the social and hospitality function.

Responsibilities are basic, but important:

  • Arrive in time to begin greeting at 9:45 a.m.
  • Greet worshippers and welcome them.
  • Introduce yourself to newcomers.
  • Hand newcomers a copy of the Welcome booklet if available.  If not, explain how we worship, or direct newcomers’ attention to the pamphlets that explain our way of worship.
  • Mention to newcomers with children that child care is available in the nursery, and/or that First Day School is offered to older children September through June.
  • Respond to immediate questions.
  • Close the door to the Meeting Room at 10:00 a.m.
  • Greet latecomers and direct them to the library so that all can go into the Meeting Room together, with less distraction for worshippers.
  • Invite latecomers to enter the Meeting Room at 10:15 a.m.