Quaker Education Support Committee

Quaker Education Support Committee

The Quaker Education Support Committee will continue to grant partial scholarships to active members’ families for Quaker tuition fees where such grants can make the difference in allowing their children to attend a Quaker school. In addition to these school scholarships, the committee maintains an open file and bulletin board to help friends be aware of other Quaker programs, conferences, and camps that may be of interest.

The Committee may choose to reserve approximately a quarter of its annual budget to support families’ participation in other Quaker programs such as Quaker camps or Quaker service trips. Our goal is to provide support when it makes the difference in the ability of active members’ families to participate in such programs.

Members of the meeting who would like to apply for a scholarship should write to the committee stating the names of their child or children and the Quaker school or program whose tuition needs to be supported. Specific granting levels will vary from year to year depending on need and availability.

Funds may be reserved in years of less need to be able to continue support in years of greater need. In addition to regular budgeted amounts, the meeting will accept special contributions designated for this committee.

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk at Quaker Education Support Committee.