Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee canvasses the clerks of other committees for suggestions as to possible committee members and solicits individual members and attenders for their preferences in committee work. In all nominations the committee obtains individual acceptance for office and committee assignment.

The committee presents a preliminary report of nominations at the April Monthly Meeting for Business and a final report in May. The final report indicates a convener for each committee in anticipation of a clerk’s being selected at each committee’s first meeting in June. Membership on a committee requires approval by Meeting for Business. Additional nominations for committee membership may be presented at any time during the year.

The committee functions under the following guidelines:

  • Officers of Monthly Meeting and representatives to NEYM are nominated annually.
  • Saylesville Preparative Meeting appoints its own Presiding Clerk and Recording Clerk.
  • Committee appointments are for a 3-year term with one third of each committee named annually.
  • There are two auditors for each year with one being a carry-over from the previous year.
  • Ministry and Counsel will select one of its members to be our representative to NEYM Ministry and Counsel Committee.
  • Service on Ministry and Counsel, Pastoral Care, and Finance is limited to two consecutive 3-year terms, after which there is a mandatory break of at least one year.

Only Meeting members may serve on Ministry and Counsel, Pastoral Care, Finance, Marriage Clearness, and Nominating Committees

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk at Nominating Committee.