Property Committee

Property Committee


  • The Property Committee is charged with the care and upkeep of the buildings and grounds of Providence and Saylesville Meeting Houses. This includes:
    • Yard care
    • Sidewalks and parking
    • Shoveling snow at the front entrance
    • Building maintenance, outside and inside
    • Purchase of equipment
    • Cleaning and bathroom supplies
    • Light bulbs and replacement of furnishings


At present, Bruce S. is responsible for keeping a calendar of events and meetings held in Providence Meeting House. All committee meetings and special events should be cleared ahead of time with him to avoid conflict in dates and hours. He can be contacted at This is also the only way we can know who is using the building. Those in charge of weekday meetings are expected to see that the heat is turned down, lights are turned out, and doors are locked upon leaving.


The Moses Brown janitorial service cleans the meetinghouse during the week in the school calendar year. We also have a cleaning service. Recycling and food trash are usually taken away by whoever generates the trash. Members are requested to leave meeting rooms clean and in order after use for any reason.


In case of emergencies, a member of the Property Committee should be notified immediately. Breakdowns in equipment and needed repairs should be brought to the attention of the Committee.

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk at Property Committee.