Pastoral Care Committee

Pastoral Care Committee


  • A committee under the direction of Ministry and Counsel composed of members from Providence and Saylesville recognized for their gifts of spiritual support, leading, and insight.
  • Ministry and Counsel shall determine the size of the committee taking into consideration the needs of the Meeting.
  • Service on the committee by members shall not exceed two (2) consecutive, three (3) year appointments.


  • To complement the efforts of Ministry and Counsel in the areas of:
    • Supporting and assisting those in the Meeting with personal and/or spiritual matters.
    • Assisting members/attenders during times of crisis.
    • Listening deeply and being present to the needs of the meeting community.
    • Reaching out to those unable to attend or fully participate in the life of the meeting.
    • Addressing issues as directed by Ministry and Counsel on behalf of the Meeting.
    • Seeking assistance from various professional/outside organizations and individuals when appropriate.


  • To respect and protect the confidences and trust of all matters brought before the committee.
  • To maintain open communications with Ministry and Counsel and keep it informed about matters before the committee.
  • To recognize the importance of nourishing its members’ own health and well being.

More information may be obtained by contacting the at the Pastoral Care Committee.