Religious Education Committee

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee has two sections:


Provides for the care, spiritual nurture and religious education of the children within the Meeting community. Through its First Day School classes and programs, the Committee provides a forum for children to explore, better understand, and express their Quakerism. The Committee works closely with other committees, such as Social & Hospitality, Ministry & Counsel, Library, and Property, to create a positive nurturing environment for the children.

Nursery Child Care

Child care is provided year round for infants, toddlers, and young children in the nursery each First Day from 10:00am-11:00am. The Committee assumes responsibility for arranging for and providing support for a qualified child care provider. The child care provider is paid a reasonable standard rate by the Treasurer.

First Day School

First Day School classes and programs are offered weekly from 10:15 to 11:00 AM every Sunday during the academic year for children pre-school aged through 8th grade. At 10:15 First Day Students go downstairs with their teachers for their own meetings. The Religious Education committee is responsible for the organization of these classes and programs, including curriculum development and the designation and selection of coordinators to oversee the teaching. It is the responsibility of the Committee to maintain a class roster summarizing the names of students who attend First Day School classes along with their parents’ names and contact information. It is the responsibility of the committee to set both the time of weekly First Day School and the calendar for the year. Presently, First Day School commences the First Day after Labor Day and concludes in early June. Although classes are not currently offered during the summer, First Day School children may be supervised during Meeting for Worship time by the child care provider stationed in the nursery as long as this is deemed mutually appropriate by the parents and the child care provider. The decision whether or not to offer First Day School meetings during the summer is made by the Committee based on the needs and resources of the group currently active in the Religious Education Program.

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk of the Religious Education Committee (children).


The Adult Religious Education Committee seeks to provide a variety of educational opportunities for adult members and attenders relating to basic Quakerism; special topics in Quaker history, belief, and practice; the testimonies of simplicity, integrity, peace, equality, and stewardship; and other subjects of particular interest to Quakers. Programs will vary from year to year.

More information may be obtained by contacting the clerk of the Religious Education Committee (adult).